Amushelelo Granted Bail Pending Appeal

Young entrepreneur and Namibia Breweries Limited’s 2014 Windhoek Lager business ambassador, Michael Amushelelo, was on Friday granted bail of N$3 000 in the Windhoek Magistrate’s Court, pending an appeal in the High Court against his sentence of two years for manslaughter which he received middle of last month.

The 24-year old Amushelelo was found guilty in the Windhoek Magistrate’s Court of driving without a licence and causing an accident in 2010 due to over-speeding. One person died and another was left paralysed.

Magistrate Helvi Shilemba, the same magistrate who sentenced him, granted him bail after hearing arguments from both the State and the defence on Friday.

Kadhila Amoomo of Sisa Namandje amp Co law firm represented Amushelelo. He argued that the chances of his client absconding were very slim. If the appeal was set aside Amuselelo would serve his sentence, he added. The lawyer further said that Amushelelo had business interests in Namibia, and Namibia is the only country he has known.

Tatelo Lusepani the prosecutor argued that fugitive Lazarus Natangwe Shaduka, who fled Namibia to Angola on December 13 2012, through the Oshikango border post in Ohangwena Region moments after the Supreme Court of Namibia set aside the High Court conviction of culpable homicide and replaced it with a conviction of murder and an effective imprisonment of 20 years for killing his wife “was worth more than Amushelelo in terms of business”.

“Where is he now? He is gone Your Worship,” the prosecutor said.

Amushelelo is a young businessman, motivational speaker, mentor and a social activist. He is the founder and executive chairman of Amushe Inc. Amushelelo was Windhoek Lager business ambassador for 2014, having competed against the likes of mining construction and football titan Johnny Doeseb.

The charges relate to a fatal accident that occurred on the evening of April 26, 2010, when Amushelelo was speeding in Windhoek’s Florence Nightingale Street, behind the Windhoek Central Hospital, killing one of the passengers and paralysing another.

He faced a charge of culpable homicide for which he was sentenced to two years. For the second count of driving without a driver’s licence, he was fined N$2 000 or, in default of payment, six months imprisonment.

The Windhoek Lager Business Ambassador is an initiative of Namibia Breweries Limited, a subsidiary of the Ohlthaver amp List Group of Companies.

Amushelelo’s first business was during primary school when he tripled the sales of his mother’s lollipop business by selling them at school. He was to earn the nickname ‘Stockie’ because of selling sweets.

“My passion for business comes from wanting to succeed in all that I endeavour and play my part in the realisation of the Namibian dream. The Government of the Republic of Namibia is deeply concerned about the high and persistent unemployment rate, especially among the young unskilled segment of our nation. Prolonged youth unemployment has far-reaching consequences including shattered dreams, loss of identities and lack of zeal for life in general. Despite many efforts aimed at creating sustainable job opportunities for the majority of our citizens, the sad truth is that the unemployment rate continues to escalate,” Amushelelo said when he was crowned Windhoek Lager Business Ambassador.

Source : New Era