an whose face was disfigured by a swollen gland might soon be going for operation

GOBABIS: An 18-year-old man whose face was disfigured by a swollen gland on the right side of his face, might soon be going for an operation to remove it.

The huge swelling on Immanuel August’s face has somewhat made his sight difficult.

Although no official quote is available stipulating the needed amount, the cost is estimated to run close to N.dollars 100 000.

Yesterday, Walvis Bay-based company Ark Fishing responded to the clarion call for donations to the needy young man, following a Nampa article last month on August’s condition.

Mateus Amathila, a director in that company, travelled to Gobabis on Wednesday to hand over a cheque of N.dollars 20 000 towards the Governor’s Social Fund to assist in August’s travelling and other ad hoc expenses as he seeks medical attention.

Amathila said he was moved by the article on August’s condition, which appeared in local newspapers, to such extent that he went on a quest to convince his co-directors to allow the company to donate towards the expected medical expenses.