Angolan National Murdered By Brother-in-Law

A 40-year-old Angolan charcoal worker at farm Sterrenberg near Grootfontein was allegedly stabbed to death by his brother-in-law last Wednesday.

Inspector Slogan Matheus from the Police Public Relations Division told New Era that the brother-in-law fatally stabbed Gabriel Metokolo, an Angolan national, with a knife.

Farm Sterrenberg is situated a few kilometres north of Grootfontein in the Otjozondjupa Region. The suspect, the wife and the deceased were all charcoal workers at the farm. The suspect was arrested.

According to Matheus, it is alleged that the suspect and the wife, who are both Angolan nationals, went to Grootfontein to buy some groceries and for the wife to see a dentist.

In the evening they returned home to the farm, and sat around the fire and the wife warmed food and they all ate. The wife thereafter went to bed as she was still experiencing some pain from the extracted tooth.

The suspect then allegedly followed her into the room and started an argument with the wife, at which the wife’s brother, the deceased, intervened to stop the argument. A fight ensued between the brother and brother-in-law.

The suspect left the room and returned later to continue with the argument and as the brother-in-law entered the room he stabbed him with a knife.

Through the investigation it became apparent that all the people did not have valid documents that authorised them to be legally in Namibia, hence the police have involved the immigration department to investigate the validity of their residence in the country.

Source : New Era