Angula Defends Military Billions

DEFENCE minister Nahas Angula has said the N$6,6 billion allocated to his ministry this financial year will enable the military to adequately prepare to defend the country.

Angula, who made the budget motivation in the National Assembly on Thursday, said the ministry of defence has various national, regional and continental obligations that it fulfills.

“As much as we take for granted our constitutional order, experience elsewhere in Africa suggests that we should be in a state of permanent readiness to defend our constitutional order,” he said while high-ranking military officials looked on from the gallery of the lawmaking house.

While Angula conceded that Namibia is peaceful and stable and its neighbours are friendly, he insisted that the defence force should be ready to respond to any danger.

“Since danger is ever present, one cannot anticipate when danger can change into a threat or when a threat can escalate into a conflict,” he said.

Angula quoted Nigerian general Olutunde Oladimeji, who said last year that there is desperation in Africa as ordinary people are wallowing in poverty and hunger is rampant while politicians, in most cases are without direction.

“Such a situation threatens national and individual security on our continent,” Angula said.

He also spoke about the successful army assignments during the 2013 financial year such as the assistance to drought-stricken communities, the Bwabwata National Park air crash that killed 33 people and the cholera outbreak.

Source : The Namibian