APP Promises to Be the Poor’s Humble Servant

THE APP president, Ignatius aShixwameni, has promised that his party will remain a humble servant and representative of the poor.

“Our promise is to fight for the poor, the unemployed and the marginalised to be brought in the economic mainstream,” Shixwameni pledged while addressing party members and sympathisers on Saturday during his election campaign rally at Kalkrand.

Shixwameni claimed that the ruling Swapo Party has disappointed many people over the past 24 years, since it has failed to better the poor’s living conditions.

“Yes, there have been developments here and there. But the majority of the people still remain poor. They remain disaantaged. They are not masters of their country. We own nothing. Everything is owned by foreign companies,” Shixwameni charged, adding that this can be the end if APP is elected into power.

Shixwameni also took issue with the opposition parties, accusing them of squandering opportunities.

“The DTA had 24 years. The same with the UDF. The same with MAG. The CoD and the RDP have had their day in the sun, and as you know they have also squandered it,” Shixwameni remarked.

Shixwameni stressed that APP is for all Namibians, poor and rich, young and old, and for all colours, tribes and ethnic groups.

“The APP is committed and dedicated to speak for the voiceless, the poor and the unemployed in our country without fear or favour,” he added.

Source : The Namibian