Arandis Gears Up for Third Investors Conference

The mining town of Arandis is gearing up to host its third investors conference next year, with the focus on industrialisation and the many opportunity in the mining sector, said the town’s public relations officer, Andrew !Hoaeb.

Arandis is situated about 60 kilometres from Swakopmund and houses one of the world’s largest open-pit uranium mine, the Roumlssing Uranium Mine. !Hoaeb says although no date has been set yet, the 2015 investment conference will be bigger and better than the first two conferences that were also a huge success.

According to !Hoaeb the upcoming conference will also be a celebration of the mining industry’s contribution to the benefit of Arandis and the Erongo Region.

“We will add an exhilarating flavour to it by hosting the first ever mining festival,” he said. To ensure that all Namibians has the opportunity to participate in the mining festival, the council plans to have road shows about the conference across the country.

Arandis presents many opportunities with the development of mines, along with efforts by the town council to industrialise and promote the tourism and education sectors. With a population of approximately 6 500 people the mining town of Arandis, the town is anticipating to experience further growth from the increases in the mining activities in the region.

Source : New Era