Are Swapo Directives of Any Effect? [column]

IT IS often the norm in the engagements of various political parties that directives are given to guide manifestations of particular pursuits or mitigating specific behavioural trends by members of such organisations.

Ordinarily, directives serve as inputs to the processes or tendencies that have material implications to the texture and positioning of a given political party. Generally, it is through issuance of directives and their observance that a political party can assess the loyalty and obedience of its members.

If it so happens that the party’s directives are disregarded, such conduct constitutes an offence and would warrant disciplinary action against the perpetrators.

This practice is not unique to the Swapo Party. Accordingly a number of directives have been issued by Swapo with the latest emanating from the party’s extraordinary congress held in Swakopmund last year.

Such directives came about after the unbecoming behaviour of the Swapo Party Youth League’s leadership during the last quarter of 2012 and the first quarter of 2013. Effectively, the directive was designed to counter this erratic behaviour and was to the effect that the wing’s leadership should for all intents and purposes cease its retrogressive and embarrassing engagements andor expressions.

Furthermore, all press releases andor public statements should be vetted by the office of Swapo the secretary general.

From the above premises, as a bona fide member of Swapo and as any loyal cadre would, I took issue with an article that appeared in The Namibian newspaper on Friday 28th March 2014, penned by Elijah Ngurare, secretary of SPYL, entitled “The Politics of Tender Connections”.

In the article Ngurare clearly indicated that he was writing in his capacity as secretary of SPYL. It follows therefore, that he had not sought the approval of the Swapo secretary general’s office before publishing the article and had merely chosen to defy Swapo’s directives.

Regarding the reference to a certain person who was recently put on the government payroll without the position being aertised or the said person being interviewed, can Ngurare inform this nation when and where the position he occupied as a personal assistant to the late John Pandeni (May his soul rest in peace) was aertised and who the panelists were who interviewed him?

Lastly, I would like to inform Ngurare that “smooth speaking does not make a dynamic leader”.

Petrus Dhiginineni Amakali,

A member of the SPYL Central Committee from 2002 to 2007.

Source : The Namibian