”Arrange and Pay for Your Funeral in Aance,” Aises Standard Insurance Brokers

Funerals can be expensive, costing perhaps several thousand Namibian dollars, and many people worry that when they die, they won’t leave enough money for their funeral. However, with a funeral plan, a person arrange and pay for it in aance.

This week Standard Insurance Brokers launched a new funeral plan to its customers. “At Standard Insurance Brokers we understand that when the time comes, one wants to be laid to rest with dignity and respect. Our Comprehensive Funeral Plan gives you and your loved ones peace of mind, by taking care of the necessities, as well as a few extra expenses,” says Juanita Lamprecht, Managing Director of Standard Insurance Brokers Namibia. Your money is invested in an insurance policy, safeguarding your funds until they are needed, ensuring that it is used for the funeral you have provided for. “Planning for your funeral is not a positive experience, but it is absolutely necessary. During the time of grief, rather spare your family the trouble of worrying about funeral expenses,” says Lamprecht.

A monthly premium of N$85 ensures that the main member and spouse is covered to an amount of N$21 000 each, while children are covered to amounts varying, depending on the child’s age, between N$2500 to N$6000. At an additional N$48 per person, parents and parents-in-law are covered to an amount of N$8000 each. A person can also add up to four other dependents for cover at an additional N$48 per month per person. “Any person with a Standard Bank transactional account can apply for a funeral plan at their nearest Standard Bank branch,” Lamprecht said.

Source : New Era