Arrest ‘No-Go Zone’ Promoters – Nambinga

THE Rally for Democracy and Progress has called for the arrest of people who promote no-go zones in certain constituencies and regions.

The party’s information secretary Jeremiah Nambinga told supporters at Outapi recently that declaring certain areas as no-go zones for opposition parties bordered on treason and should be treated as such.

“We cannot sit and just allow those people to violate the Constitution, which allows political parties to go anywhere in Namibia to preach their manifestos to the people, in order for them to have a free choice for the party they want to elect. This tendency (of declaring no-go zones) will bring chaos, if not fighting and killing one another as has happened in some African countries,” Nambinga said.

Nambinga also condemned the Outapi Town Council, calling them Swapo’s ‘electoral toys’. This came after the town council allocated the RDP a venue for their rally at Oukwaananyanga, to avoid clashes with Swapo.

“We condemn this stupid attitude of the Outapi council of being remote-controlled by Swapo leaders. Like it or not, RDP, which is here to stay, will campaign in all regions. RDP is determined to, one of these days, take over the government of this country. Just watch out,” Nambinga told the rally.

He said intimidation directed at some political parties by Swapo leaders, members and supporters must be condemned and stopped with immediate effect and that all parties must conduct their political campaigns freely.

The former Swapo deputy minister said the ruling party has governed Namibia for the last 24 years but failed and must be replaced with another government that will rule in the interests of the people.

“We have been in this industry called politics for a long time. We have been harassed, intimidated and blackmailed, but we were steadfast and will stay until we rule this country in a fair manner,” Namibinga said.

He said hospitals are short of medicines, and doctors are resigning in addition to a serious shortage of nurses. Nambinga said many children are still being taught under trees and in shacks. He said RDP must be credited for free primary and secondary education the country is enjoying.

“We fought for the land. Some of us died fighting for the land but today, our land is being dished out to foreigners. No, we cannot allow this to continue. We have to stop it,” Nambinga said.

The Outapi RDP rally was held under heavy police guard.

Source : The Namibian