Artists Welcome Namas’ ‘Best Song With a Message’ Category

FOR the first time in its history, the Namibian Annual Music Awards (NAMAs) will reward musicians who use their talents to speak to the needs of society with the introduction of a new award category, Best Song with a Message.

The judges will base their votes in this category on what they believe is a song that has an impactful message.

To have their songs considered for this award, artists will be required to motivate their entry and submit the lyrics of their songs.

Some Namibian artists welcomed the introduction of this new category, saying that it was a long time coming.

“Yes, it’s definitely a great initiative. Namibians need to start valuing themselves as artists. This involves expressing themselves in an intellectual manner that can be understood by people who are educated and those who are not educated,” said Exit.

He said that he makes it a point to write lyrics that will have an impact on his fans and on society as a whole.

“For me personally, I have a generation of fans that I have to inspire on a daily basis and for all lyricists, your words are the best thing can do for your fans.”

Another artist who has made an impact with his conscious lyrics, Sunny Boy, said that the introduction of a category to reward meaningful songs is a good thing.

“Beautiful lyrics are important because lyrics can influence society so much, especially the youth. A person who may be having a bad day or be depressed can switch on the radio and hear a song that can totally change their lives,” he added.

He revealed that one of his songs, which spoke of gender-based violence, was well received.

“It made a bigger impact than I realised and shows that lyrics on social issues do resonate.”

Another new category that was introduced is Best Musical Event, which will be judged and voted for exclusively by the public. This category will be based on the opinions of what the judges view or believe to have been the best musical event, by means of organisation, planning, attendance, quality and delivery standards during the period from 1 December 2013 to 31 November 2014.

Another exciting change to the awards is the monetary boost for the main winners. The Best Male and Female category prizes will be increased to N$100 000, a definite motivator for anyone who’ll be vying for the top prize.

The event will take place on 1 and 2 May 2015 and entries aren open until 15 December.

Artists can download the entry form from the official NAMA entry system, collect entry forms from MTC or NBC offices or complete online and physical forms and deliver their CDs to MTC or NBC offices.

To enter the NAMAs, artists should have released a commercial album between 1 December 2013 and 31 November 2014.

Entry rules remain the same as last year. Artists are allowed to enter a maximum of two music genre categories, which exclude entries or nominations for Best Music Video, Best Single, Best Collaboration, Best GroupDuo, Best Newcomer, Most Socially Responsible Artist of the Year, and the International Achievement Award where applicable as these categories are not music genre specific.

Source : The Namibian