Ashipala Gives Back to His Former School

Abed “Dube” Ashipala has donated a sign board to his former school, Onathinge Combined School.

According to Ashipala, the school has been performing academically in the past years and has won many awards but no one from the community helped or assisted the school. “I attended my primary education at Onathinge since the pre-grade up to Grade 10. I always wanted to give something to the school. First of all, I just wanted to even give part of my salary to the school and I thought money might not do what I wanted done.”

“Finally I thought of buying a sign board. I communicated my idea to the principal and then he gave me a go ahead. I’m very proud of what I have done for my school at the age of 25 as part of my mission,” he says. He adds that, most people hardly think of giving back to their communities and what he did will definitely open eyes for fellow young people in the village and country at large. “My parents were very excited of this idea and teachers of that school really appreciated what I did and gave me all their supports,” he says.

Apart from the sign board, Ashipala also launched his Dube Study Competition (DSC) focusing mainly on awarding learners with N$1500 for the best learner in Grade 8 and 10, starting next month for every school term.”I really do not want my school’s passing rate to drop. The learners sometimes need motivation to do even better,” he concludes.

Source : New Era