ATM Fraud Suspects Get Bail

The three people accused of defrauding a Standard Bank client of at least N$180 000 last month were granted bail on Monday.

The three accused are 23-year-old South African citizen Chadleight David, 26-year old Stanley Tjiharo and 21-year-old Standard Bank employee Monique Chandre Diergaardt. David and Tjiharo were arrested in Swakopmund while Diergaardt was arrested two days later in Walvis Bay. The first two were arrested on a Sunday morning at the Woermann Brock shopping centre in Vineta, Swakopmund, after their suspicious behaviour was noticed by a security guard who alerted the police and the Swakopmund Neighbourhood Watch. They were arrested on the spot.

According to Detective Inspector Erastus Iikuyu of the Erongo Region police the security guard alerted the police after he noticed the two withdrawing large sums of money from an ATM.

The bank employee Diergaardt was arrested two days later when police investigations revealed that a large sum of money was deposited into her account.

David who was represented by Chris Mayumbelo was granted N$30 000 bail, while Tjiharo who was represented by Gilroy Kasper and Diergraardt who was represented by Lana Fouche were granted N$7 000 bail each.

The trio after being granted bail were ordered to hand in all their travelling documents to the investigating officer and were also ordered not to apply for new travel documents. According to the charge sheet, David was also ordered not to leave the district of Swakopmund without the permission of the investigating officer.

The trio must also report three times a week- on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday – to the Swakopmund police. Their case was postponed to August 6 for further investigations.

Source : New Era