AU election observers declare elections free and fair

WINDHOEK; The African Union Election Observer Mission (AUEOM) on Sunday declared the 2014 Presidential and National Assembly elections peaceful, transparent, credible, free and fair.

The head of the AU election observer mission to Namibia, Ambassador Fatuma Ndagiza held a meeting with stakeholders in Windhoek on Sunday to share the mission’s preliminary findings on the Presidential and National Assembly elections, which took place countrywide on Friday.

Based on the findings, the AUEOM has made recommendations in which it encouraged Parliament to make amendments to the electoral law which will regulate sources of party funding and provide mandatory ceilings on campaign budgets to ensure fair access to resources among political parties.

It further recommended that gender equality in regional and local elections should be a provision in the Electoral Act to ensure gender equality in the national elections.

The AUEOM also touched on the matter of airtime allocation to political parties during campaigns, and recommended that Parliament should establish a principle in the Electoral Act on the allocation of free airtime on the public broadcaster for political campaigns to be on an equal basis.

The final results of the elections are expected to be released on Sunday.