Augustineum SS Invites All to a Fundraiser

To develop and bring the Augustineum Secondary School to standard, the school will be hosting a fundraising event this Friday, July the 4th on the school’s premises in Khomasdal.

Selma Kavezepa, the event organiser, says the school is having a fun day at which parents, learners and all who desires education for their children and have interest in the education of the young in general can come together, have fun and support the school. She adds that the school needs renovation as it is old and not to standard. “We want to improve the school’s image, buildings, roads, school hall and the school fence just to mention a few as the list is too long. They are very old and need renovation but this is expensive and we cannot do it by ourselves, we need assistance,” Kavezepa adds.

She says the day will start with different entertainment activities just to make it more fun and they will be selling braai plates for N$50 hot dogs, drinks and snacks. “Anyone who carries the education of our learners at heart must attend the fundraising and come enjoy the fun activities such as soccer, netball, amagus, paintball shooting, blikkies, omgooi, vangbal, sand in the tin, skululu and the jumping castle,” entices Kavezepa.

All parents and everyone interested in the school’s development is expected to be at the fundraising. The event will start at seven O ‘clock (7H00) in the morning till late.

Source : New Era