Aunty Cathy, Chase and Aunty Rosca Headline Zambesi Solidarity Concert

Aunty Cathy, Chase, Aunty Rosta, KD and TNC crew, Matengu, Khoko and John, Black Mamba and Grandson are some of the artists headlining a solidarity music concert organised by Zambezi media investment tomorrow in the Ngweze Community Hall here.

Event organiser, George Simataa, promises a lively show. “People should come and give back to the community and welcome winter in style. We expect bigger performances. Let’s support our brothers and sisters”, notes Simataa.The concert is aimed at sourcing donations for flood victims will include prominent Zambezi artists that are expected to give electrifying performances.Simataa says it was imperative for local people to offer a helping hand to people affected by the annual floods in the eastern Zambezi, adding that his company took the initiative to meet thge government halfway. “The aim of the event is to help those in need especially flood victims and to hand over donations to the flood victims. People should come in large numbers to support this initiative”, appeals Simataa.

Due to recurring floods in the Zambezi region, Simataa notes that the event will be turned into an annual event that would further seek to address other pertinent social problems apart from floods. “We plan to have the event annually. We want to also look at other social issues such as the elderly, orphans and street kids. It’s the first time to have such an initiative in the Zambezi region. We are specifically looking at learners by meeting government halfway. It’s our duty as a community to help others in need”, says Simataa.

The two schools of Muzii and Nankuntwe were recently relocated to Katima Mulilo following persistent floods in eastern Zambezi. Tickets for the show are N$20 entrance fee and N$100 for VIPs and the concert starts at six O’clock (18H00). Simataa may be contacted on 0813254481 for further details.

Source : New Era