AVE tourism holds great potential for Namibia: Commissioner Environmental Affairs

WINDHOEK: Scientific, Academic, Volunteer and Educational (SAVE) tourism holds great potential for Namibia.

This was the view of the Commissioner of Environmental Affairs, Theo Nghitila during a SAVE workshop in the capital on Monday.

He noted that Namibia hosts a lot of interns from universities across the globe in local schools, hospitals, clinics as well as orphanages.

He said the SAVE market is something Namibia has not pursued strongly before, saying currently Namibia has quite a bit of SAVE tourism in place, although the country does not recognise it as such.

The quest for a fulfilling experience has pushed some travellers to make their holidays more meaningful by volunteering for social service at their destinations.

Nghitila noted that this segment in the industry presents significant challenges to immigration in terms of holiday or work visas.