Away With Tribal Leaders

IN THE past few weeks the Law Reform and Development Commission’s Sacky Shanghala told The Namibian that he had aised the government to limit the number of tribal chiefs recognised by the government, so that better control can be exerted on them.

That recommendation can only be considered a Freudian slip because the only benefit we see from the government “recognising” and funding tribal leaders is, indeed, control.

We say, Shanghala and the government must do the honourable thing and extricate the government from this tribal mess that has now accumulated to about 50 “traditional authorities”. The financial cost incurred at the expence of nation-building is not worth the trouble.

The issue is not about making ethnic groupings more manageable by government. In a democracy, government should simply have no business in tribal leaderships.

Ethnic groupings and tribal traditions are like religion. They should be left to individuals to organise themselves without state interference.

We look forward to government doing away with its suppressive and antiquated penchant for meddling in tribal affairs. Swapo before independence was against the State’s use of tribal authorities and should never have adopted that same colonial tactic.

Source : The Namibian