B-Fresh of Fresh Family Goes Solo

EENHANA – One member of the Fresh Family, Boetikie, popularly known as B – Fresh has decided to go solo.

B-Fresh, whose real name is Victor Basson says his decision is now final after he has been working hard with the once famous and popular Fresh Family for the past seven years. He describes the seven year with Fresh Family as enough because he wants to embark on a solo career in Kwaito but now focusing more on what he calles “ghetto tough music”. “I started my music with the Fresh Family in 2006 and now wants to do my music solo since I would like to push myself to a better position in the Namibian music business and entertainment industry. Remember, we started the group Fresh Family in the early 1980s and produced an 18-track album titled Gold Diggers in which the hit track Super Star made us popular with revelers and ladies. Ladies used to scream to us during performances at events and shows everywhere we performed in Namibia,” B-Fresh relates.

He says the decision to part ways with other members was not easy but he has big dreams for his music career. Currently he is busy working on his solo album. As a disciplined and talented dancer and musician, B-Fresh has worked with renowned record labels such as Mshasho and Deal Done and has also collaborated with some of the best Namibian artists such as Fishman, The Dogg, M-Jay, Exit and Bethold while he was once under the management of one of the Namibian DJs, DJ Remind and Fidel Nambundunga.

B-Fresh promises fans some great sounds and dancing from his forthcoming solo album. “I believe in what I do and with my level of experience and perseverance. I promise to deliver the best from my upcoming album. I am busy working with some of the best producers such as M-Jay, Brain-wave and Shee-Boy who are busy perfecting my solo album,” he says

Originally the Fresh Family consisted of six members who were AJ -Fresh, B- Fresh, M-Fresh, Pala-Fresh, V-Fresh and Z-Fresh. So far AJ Fresh has left the group for a solo career while M-Fresh is doing his own business. Latest to leave the once famous Fresh Family is now B-Fresh who has also decided to embark on a solo career as well. The group is now left with three members, Pala-Fresh, V-Fresh and Z-Fresh.

But like other musical groups whose performance make crave for more when on stage, they quickly disappeared and soon to be forgotten. However, it is great to see some Fresh Family group members such as B-Fresh and AJ-Fresh doing something on their own after leaving their group. These guys are undoubtedly talented and were known to be energetic on stage and were a bit of eye candy for the Namibian female revelers during their shows.

Born on October 9, 1994, B – Fresh was raised in Ongwediva and Oshakati. He attended the Oshakati Primary School from 1990 until 1995 and later transferred to Okakarara from 1996 to 1997 and then schooled in Rundu from 1998 to 1999 until he was lastly transferred to Cornelius Oaseb in Gibeon in the Hardarp region up to Grade 12. His mission is to become one of the best Namibian musicians and he says his inspiration comes from the late South African musician, Brenda Fassie who has left a legacy in the Southern African Development Community (SADC) region.

Source : New Era