Baby’s Body Taken From a Dog

A PASSERBY forced a dog to drop the body of a baby girl after he pelted the animal with stones, while another body of a baby boy was removed from a water pipe at Gammams Water Care Works in Windhoek on Friday.

Wanaheda police station commander inspector Fabian Musweu said the unidentified passerby saw the dog crossing Caesar Street in the Wanaheda section of Katutura with the body in its mouth.

“The person threw stones in the direction of the dog, causing it to drop the body before calling us,” said Musweu, adding that it was a full term baby girl that appeared to have been about three hours old.

“The dog did not eat the body, although there were visible bite marks, which might have been a result of the dog’s teeth while it was carrying it,” he said.

Musweu said police later found “a bloody refuse bag located in the riverbed and pieces of the placenta as well”.

“The mother probably gave birth in a different area and came to dump the baby there,” said Musweu, adding that the police pick up bodies of dumped babies regularly.

Musweu said workers at Gammams Water Care Works pulled the body of the baby boy from a blocked water pipe.

“The body was too big to flow through the sewage pipes and it caused a blockage,” said Musweu.

Police spokesperson, inspector Stephan Nuuyi, said the police have not yet arrested anyone in connection with the cases, although investigations are continuing.

Source : The Namibian