’Back to School’ Reality Must Sink in Straight Away Four Hours Ago

Public schools in Namibia re-opened yesterday for the second term session after the first semester’s vacation.

This means that last week learners had to get rid and say goodbye to those funky hairstyles and some of the piercing that most were donning during the four-week holiday. And it is back to the reality of books, back-packs and obviously the lunch-box. Going back to school after a cool break can be exciting, nerve racking and hectic for both learners and teachers. Winter time is a time for refreshment and renewal, though not a favourite of many but some researchers have concluded it is the best season for proper studying. Again going back to school gives learners a chance to make small adjustments or significant changes depending on where they are heading. But how prepared are they for the second term?

A Haimbili Haufiku Senior Secondary School a Grade 12 learner here in Eenhana, Paulus Amutenya, says he is ready for school and is coming back with a big bang. “I have been revising what I did first term and waiting for the school opening. To me second term means being given a second chance in 2014 to adjust your understanding on books,” he says

Johannes Nakwafila (16) of the Ponhofi Secondary School says the second term will be a busy season because as learners they will be picking up from where they left. “In a new term as learners, we should not come to school or classroom with preconceived notions. Every learner who walks into a classroom deserves the chance to come on a clean slate. Remember every class and every learner is unique, and a different teacher may provoke other behaviour patterns,” he urges

An English and History teacher in the Ondobe constituency, Kascas Nekwaya, also encourages learners saying the first few days and weeks of school often set the tone for the entire term. “We aise our Ohangwena region learners to start planning for it the minute you step your feet in the classroom on the first day. The reason being to avoid being loaded with much work during the term. The term also comes with its package such as extra-curricular activities,” he aises

Sport fanatics must use their talent wisely remembering all work and no play “makes Jack a dull boy”. Some might say that starting a new term is never easy, and it’s especially tough if you are transferring to a new school.

A survey conducted by Youth Corner reveals that the first few days are often only half days, so learners should also make the most of this spare time. They should pick up any textbooks they failed to buy over the summer and research extra lessons by talking to people who have taken them or give them because it’s never too early or late to start planning.

Source : New Era