Ballot Papers Printing Tender Closes

A BALLOT paper printing tender aertised by the Electoral Commission of Namibia closed yesterday.

The ballot papers will be used by voters at foreign missions in the Presidential and Parliamentary Elections at the end of this month since they will not be using the electronic voting machines EVMs).

ECN director of operations Theo Mujoro said the printing of ballot papers is one of the final steps before the elections scheduled for 28 November.

Mujoro could not, however, give the number of ballot papers the ECN wants to print. He, however, dismissed speculation that the papers would be used as a back-up in case the voting machines failed.

The use of ballot papers was phased out because of the acquisition of the EVMs although the ECN said the ballot papers would only be used on 14 November at foreign missions.

Mujoro said the election body could not print ballot papers before the nomination process because the logos of all 16 contesting parties must be on the ballots.

He also said some of the ballot papers would be used with the voting machines.

“The EVM requires a ballot paper to be placed under the transparent box where the names and logos of the parties will appear next to the slots,” he said.

Source : The Namibian