Bank Windhoek Emphasises Relationship Banking

Bank Windhoek recently launched a professional package aimed at young professionals with the emphasis on personal relationship banking.

The package is aimed at young professionals with a recognised higher learning qualification and who are registered with a professional body in the medical, legal, accounting, engineering and architectural fields. Each young professional will have a dedicated client relationship manager to handle all their banking needs and enquiries. The package enables these young professionals to take aantage of an overdraft facility equivalent to twice their gross monthly salary, at prime interest rate, vehicle and asset finance at prime less 1 percent, term loans at prime rate over 15 years, to buy into a businessractice, and a 100 percent home loan for first time buyers at mortgage lending rate less 1.5 percent, for the property purchased must be the primary residence of applicant.

The bank says it values sound personal business relationships with its clients instead of trying to obtain a large number of clients. The promise of the Bank Windhoek brand is to build and nurture long lasting, mutually beneficial and rewarding relationships with all its stakeholders. Relationship banking helps bankers understand the needs of their clients and how to aise them, as well as monitor and lessen their financial risks of defaulting. Clients also benefit from relationship banking since they get the best banking service from a relationship manager that they trust and who understands their financial needs.

Source : New Era