Banking for Women and Mothers

HAVING just celebrated Mother’s Day countrywide, FNB Namibia took a look at the products it offers, which would appeal to women and mothers in the country, says Vicky Muranda, manager of corporate communications at FNB Namibia.

Many women in less developed countries often lack access to financial services such as savings, digital payment methods and insurance. Sometimes various restrictions and lack of financial education can also limit them.

Muranda says Namibia, fortunately, is much more aanced than many countries around the world. At FNB Namibia, for example, 45% of cheque account holders are women and the bank believes that a woman who has a bank account can take care of herself and her family.

“Also, 47% of bank customers at FNB Namibia are women. Lastly, while there are always exceptions to the rule, women have proven to be better re-payers and more loyal clients and also tend to put away more for a rainy day,” says Muranda.

Source : The Namibian