Battle of the Brave in Red Bull Enduro Race

THE biggest and first ever Red Bull sponsored Enduro motorsports event – the BRAVEMAN race is getting ready for blast off this week-end in Windhoek, when a field of 22 crack entries from South African and Namibian will be pitting their skills and hammering their machines, over the two days of gruelling competition in the saddle.

And with Red Bull stepping up to sponsor what will become a huge annual event, they have already put down a cash prize of N$30 000 for the winner, with N$15 000 for second spot and N$5 000 for the third podium position.

The adrenalin pumping event kicks off at 15h00 with a Prologue qualifying race on Friday 25th, at the Doc Jubber Gravel Grounds when riders will compete in a head to head battle to determine the starting position for Saturday’s race. An Enduro-X dirt circuit of multiple laps will clock the best times of the competitors.

The ‘X-TREME’ Braveman Endruo Race on Saturday is being held in the mountains behind the Tony Rust Track area, which is a 15 kilometre off the beaten track described as punishing. With riders expected to complete six laps to the end, will be sort the mice from the men.

Top National Enduro and Moto-X riders from South Africa will include 18-year-old Wade Young, MX legend Alfie Cox who will be participating and Riaan Van Niekerk who rides for Bother Broadlink team SA and finished 13th overall in the Dakar last year. Namibia’s top riders will be amongst the pack which includes amongst others, three times Dakar participant Ingo Wladschmidt, Henner Rusch who is currently leading the Namibian Euro Championships, Tommy Gous and Claude Brendel to mention some.

The Red Bull Braveman event is hosted by the Namibian Enduro Club, who have praised the sponsors for their initiative to create this platform, and Andreas Brendell (Chairman Namibian Enduro Club) mentioned that Red Bull have paved the way for the start of big things to come on an international level.

“This event has been a long time coming, and that we want to thank Red Bull for making this possible, and look forward to the future when we can take this to top international status, where Namibia will be put on the map in terms of the enduro sport.

“I wish the competitors all the best of luck, as this is not going to be easy, but Namibia has its best riders out there, who don’t have to stand back anyone, but it is going to be a fierce battle, and may the best man win.”

Source : New Era