Berseba Village Goes Without Power

Residents of Berseba have been without electricity for domestic use since last Friday after the electricity vending machine broke down.

This is according to the CEO of Berseba Village Council Thomas Dreyer, but other sources at the village contradicted the CEO’s version saying the vending machine broke down much earlier.

The electricity vending machine at the village council broke down compelling the village council to buy electricity credit in Windhoek – which is located some 400 kilometres from Berseba.

Other residents at the village buy pre-paid electricity from nearby towns such as Keetmanshoop, which entails commuting a distance of 100 kilometres.

Dreyer on Monday downplayed the breakdown of the electricity vending machine saying the machine has only been dysfunctional for a few days.

“The residents are still buying electricity from the village council – they come with their meter numbers and make payments, then we order the electricity from Windhoek and forward it to them,” Dreyer said.

Asked why the seemingly small inconvenience, as he called it, has not yet been resolved, he said the electricity dispensing machine was picked up by an outfit that repairs electricity vending machines.

He promised the problem was being taken care of and would be solved as soon as possible.

Berseba has a population of slightly over 10 000 and is situated about 100 km northwest of Keetmanshop, near the famous tourist destination Brukkaros Mountain.

Source : New Era