Best Foot Forward Namibia! [opinion]

MARKING time in a dynamic world means going backwards! Exactly what Namibia, in many areas, has been doing now for some years despite several groupings, commentators and even the occasional politician pointing out real facts that all is not well! And sure, before the stagnant wind up and complain that there are things we have done, and sometimes even continue, to do well, there are.

But our future is seriously threatened, including that which has been done well, by a form of economic Ebola that is pervading, not only us, our region and beyond the smell of incompetence, lies and personal greed are beginning to reach all. It is now accepted that our future organisational formats have to change and change radically!

Thus, while I find our current process, if it can be called that, to plough through major changes to our Constitution, our systems of representation, leadership and national management, security, legal and administrative powers and means, an encouraging re-look at what has become an obviously bunch of failed systems, I am well aware that such late actions introduce a high risk factor.

Is this risk higher than doing nothing and carrying on as before? Who knows, but I prefer to move into the unknown rather than to constantly peddle the often mythical success of the current! Yet again, we only have to look at AirNam, AirPorts, WildLife, RailPuffPuff, PotholesNamibia and all these delightful parastatals feeding off the multiple nipples of GRN and its out of site brothers and sisters to see that all such animals are only costing us more but through their incompetence, graft and lies are failing to deliver. Thankfully there are a few exceptions, but …

So while our multiple elements of civil society are doing what is expected of them, protesting, being creative, pointing out the obvious, rather like us columnists it has to be realised that the fundamental problem is that total disconnect between parliamentary representation and the people is real and that nobody is listening to anyone else unless they are in full agreement. The great loss is the loss of the ability to debate, compromise and be creative with those who are different but the same as us – Namibians but …

So our current democratic format and systems are totally stagnant with those in opposition, despite many having good intent, have little impact on debate and thinking as they are routinely shouted down by a seemingly increasingly rude majority treating the “august” house as their personal zoo to amuse us peasants!

Democracy, in order to function as a dynamic social process requires the sunlight to enter its chambers, sunlight from youth, lively minds of the poor and rich, the self justification and facts from those in power, and that sunlight to shine over the whole process to reveal new beauty.

Our present system brings only heavily overcast weather and coastal fogs into our places of intellectual creativity stifling our potential where our three supposedly separate arms of government are so intertwined as to render significant political and economic movement within GRN systems hence our multiple madness of farming out responsibilities to hoards of incompetents.

So perhaps in order to make the proposed changes to our Constitution and electoral systems, it has to be realised, if not accepted, that any such fundamental changes can only come about by being pushed through with politeness, vigor and enthusiasm, and accepting that there are going to be pieces to be picked up later and repaired with political and legal superglue!

Recent reports from the floor of parliament, Talk of the Nation discussions and various press inputs, plus a quite apparent silence from our small political parties added to the near hysterical need to keep the House open until the new legislation is through, even without showing it to the public, is an indication that some whopping changes are about to happen. And as this writer has said for some long time now, our governmental systems do not represent the people and only benefit the powerful through their connections. However, change must happen, and now.

Thus, while I know that I maybe severely upset by some of those changes, our nation needs redirection by those who can direct and hope we come through all this in one piece! Without change we shall fade into African and world insignificance.

Maybe, like the apparently great job being done at NBC (some reservations, but we need a new national decoder! Roll on the future, best feet forward, the past is gone!

Source : The Namibian