Best Learners Rewarded At Lüderitz

Nineteen top learners were awarded for academic excellence after they excelled in various subjects at Luumlderitz Junior Secondary School.

The awards took place on Friday.

The ceremony was sponsored by the Tim Ekandjo family and Namdeb.

The overall best performer in Grade 10 was Danielle Jantjies, who walked away with N$3 800 and a trophy.

The best performer in Grade 9 was Twahafifwa Jonas, while Paulina Ndafonghoshi was the best performer in Grade 8.

Petrus Kamati is the Ambassador of the Year, and in the school context it means he will represent the school officially and unofficially at national and international events.

The most versatile learner award went to Rachel Uusiku for displaying leadership qualities, for example serving on the student representative council (SRC), being class captain and captain of a sports team and also participating in cultural and community activities.

In his statement Petrus David Titus the acting deputy director of programmes and quality assurance of the Karas Regional Council extended his sincere congratulations to those who received awards for their hard work and dedication.

He paid tribute to the initiative by Tim Ekandjo and his family who unselfishly plough back into the town of his birth. He commended Ekandjo’s vision of education playing a critical role in the development and growth of “this beautiful land”.

Titus stated that once every learner has hisher achievement in hand, the whole of Luumlderitz will be painted with cascading colours, and the colours will reflect the eyes of many that worked, played, prayed, watched and put their time and effort in dedication, watching for the colours to erupt.

Bright hues will light up as every Namibian child paints this land of the brave with his or her colours, he said.

“Responsibility as a teacher requires one to stand firm like the boat on a stormy sea. Running away is not an option, no matter how painful it is. One will have challenges, even with the best of intentions to do well. If you do not have challenges now, they will come very soon and if it does not come soon you just might be someone else’s problem,” Titus emphasized.

The certificate ceremony was sponsored by Tim Ekandjo’s family for N$15 900 as well as a trophy, while Namdeb contributed N$8 000.

Source : New Era