Best School Performers to Be Awarded Per Term

To encourage its pupils to perform better in schools, The Elombe Faith Foundation (EFF) will be awarding best performing learners in schools in the the northern part of the country at the end of each school term.

The project is known as Tuye Koskola, which means lets go to school and goes under the theme School is Cool, Studying is Good. According to the co-founder of EFF, Erastus Tsempo Hidishange, it’s vital to motivates learners to study hard while their minds are still fresh. He says the project will start this semester. “We plan on awarding these learners every end of the semester and for now we are just waiting for the final result to come out. We already wrote proposal letters to submit to principals regarding this massive project,” he says.

Hidishange will reward the pupils with school materials such as books, dictionaries, pens, rulers, digital calculators and school bags. He will also write a song about the project including his motivational speech since he is also an upcoming artist. “Learners are the future leaders of this country and the best thing to do is to invest in them, and give them a bright future,” he adds.

EFF is a non-profit organisation established this January with the main aims of motivating and encouraging school kids in the northern parts of the country to aim for dazzling careers. The organisation will be launched officially in September, at the beginning of the third school term with the awarding of the five best learners seating for the August examinations this year at different local northern schools. The best five learners will be chosen from Oniihwa Combined School, Elombe Combined School, Iikokola Combined School, Onamutene Combined School, Oniigwena Combined School, Onankali North Combined School, Ombinga Primary School, Okaye Kenongo Primary School as well as Natangwe Uugwanga Junior Primary School.

Hindishange says the day of the launch he wishes to invite to Minister of Education, Dr David Namwandi, National Education Ambassador, Gazza, Onathinge Circuit Inspector, Nicky Uugwangwa, Onayena Constituency Councilor Max Nekongo and other leaders willing to motivates tomorrow’s leaders.

He, however, adds that the project is challenging and he is looking for sponsors assistance or any relevant help from different organisations or individuals.

Source : New Era