Bid to Stop Cypher News Reaches Dead End

DESPITE marching to stop what they called “malicious articles” by gossip site Cypher News, the Namibian artists involved in the campaign have hit a dead end.

This is after their petition, which was aimed at calling Chris Paul (who they say owns Cypher News) to order, was rejected by the Media Ombudsman, Clement Daniels.

It has been about two months since the group handed over their petition, which was signed by 30 people.

“The document which I received from the artists was not in the right format and I aised them to change a few things and re-submit it. It was not a petition, but rather a complaint and it was addressed to the ombudsman and not to me (the media ombudsman )”, said Daniels. Asked whether the artists came back to him after he made these suggestions, Daniels says he hasn’t heard anything from the group since.

Sula Kyababa, a music producer and businessman, is at the forefront of the aggrieved artists and says that Daniels aised them to approach the Ministry of Information and Communications Technology (MICT). They have also approached the Communications Regulatory Authority of Namibia (Cran), from which they are awaiting feedback on the way forward. “You know, there is a problem when it comes to bureaucracy in Namibia but now that we understand the structures, we are following them and hope to resolve this issue,” he says. He blames publications such as Cypher News for “killing” the entertainment industry in Namibia and says that journalists should seek to write only that which is true instead of defaming people.

Soon after they had handed over the petition to the Media Ombudsman, the artists held a public discussion with Chris Paul at Zoo Park – a meeting which nearly turned violent as angry artists, DJs and industry personalities lashed out at Paul for what he wrote about them.

Gospel artist D-Naff had to be held back by fellow artists and Paul was shielded by the Namibian police.

Called for comment by this reporter, Paul still denies any connection to Cypher News and calls the march and petition by the artists “a waste of time”.

“Nothing has happened since I met them. It was all mindless ranting from stupid people. It was all just a waste of time and a way to promote themselves,” he says. When questioned once again if he writes for the website, he had this to say: “As far as I’m concerned, the site is still running but I do not write for it.”

Kyababa insists that the group of artists are not looking to complain but are just concerned about what people write about them and whether it brings value to the industry or not.

Source : The Namibian