Big Brother Hotshots – Namibia Bows Out As Permithias Is Evicted

FANS of sushi chef turned reality TV star Permithias Nelioth Owoseb were dealt a heavy blow as he was unceremoniously evicted on Sunday.

This was after the 25-year-old had been on the chopping block for four weeks, with fellow housemates relentlessly putting him up for possible eviction.

With Africa and Namibia rallying behind him on each occasion he was nominated, the votes were not enough this time around, and with his exit, Namibia officially bowed out of the reality show.

The Namibian spoke to the talented Permithias and he was his usual chirpy self, with no hint of sadness at his eviction but rather a sense of hope for what lies ahead of him…

Tell us about yourself in brief. What was your life like growing up and how did you end up on BBA?

I come from Swakopmund and have a little ghetto in the DRC settlement. I was raised by a single mother with six siblings. I went from security job to security job after dropping out of high school. I later worked as a waiter and then became a chef. It was really hard but all of it was all about learning new things.

Why couldn’t you stick to one woman in the house?

You have to realise that it’s all just a game. I mean, who’s to say there were no ulterior motives? I was conscious of what I was doing and if I’m to continue anything with anyone, I’ll sit down with them, talk about it and see where we can go from there.

When did you start singing and who inspires your music?

I have been singing through my struggles since I was in school. I only started playing guitar recently, though. And my music is influenced by the likes of Tracy Chapman and James Brown.

Can we expect you to quit your job as a chef and go into music full time?

As much as I love cooking, I am going to cash in on the Big Brother experience. You will see me playing soon in Windhoek and I have hopes of owning my own restaurant soon, so watch this space.

We also spoke to Frankie from Uganda, who was the second evictee on Sunday…

Tell us more about your musical aspirations and what type of music you are into?

I have been doing music for 10 years. I’m more of a singer than I am a model or actor. My music is versatile and can be described as Afro-soul with some dancehall.

Were you aware of tensions in the house, specifically what was happening between Samantha and Tayo?

I had no clue that was going on. I was personally not involved in such situations as I did not open up to many people, something which caused a lot of people to nominate me.

What did you enjoy most about the Big Brother experience?

I enjoyed the fact that as much as we were competitors, we also learnt a lot from one another. The extravaganzas were a good example. I played so many roles and showed my acting talents.

Permithias’ stay in the house was a good example of dreams coming true, despite humble beginnings. If it wasn’t for him taking a chance and going for auditions at the hotel were he worked, Namibia and Africa would not have gotten to know the musical genius that he is. Hopefully, this is only the beginning and we may hear more from him in the near future.

Source : The Namibian