Big ‘K’ Win Choir Competition

The Big ‘K’ Choir has won the Joyful Sounds Choir Competition walking away home with N$40,000 with the Adoration Choir second winning N$20 000 and the Okahandja Youth Choir third with a N$10000 home taking.

“We are going invested our money, in the old age home project in Gibeon,” says the leader of Big ‘K’ Choir, Gertz Swarts. ‘I believe we could have done better but we are grateful that we won,” says Peter Fransisku, the leader of Adoration and they will be investing their money in companies. Fransisku adds that the Choir will be doing a live D recording with the help of the almighty God. “We still don’t know what to do with the money, we are just keeping it in the safe for now” says Nicky Goliath the leader of Okahandja Youth Choir.

The VM6 did the opening act at the finals at the National Theatre of Namibia (NTN) last Friday entertaining the the audience with their dazzling vocals. The Joy Divine Choir closed the evening with a dynamic performance.

Source : New Era