Big K’s Named Joyful Sounds Champion

THE more than a month-long search for Namibia’s best choir saw the Big K Choir walk away with the honours.

Adoration Choir took second place while the Okahandja Youth Choir claimed third spot. The choirs walked away with N$40 000, N$20 000 and N$10 000 respectively.

The competition was a package of excitement and entertainment and had its own fair share of drama created because some attendees were not too pleased at the outcome of the competition, preferring to see the Okahandja Youth Choir take the top spot.

“I think the commitment and positivity we had from the start of the competition is what got us first place,” Gerald Swarts of Big K Choir said. While he was aware of some members of the public’s view that Okahandja Youth choir was the preferred winner, he said the judges had the final say.

The Okahandja Youth Choir, throughout the competition, presented very lively performances which were filled with energy and left audiences thoroughly entertained. The finale proved no different as the choir took the audience on another entertaining journey of melody and well executed vocals. They received a standing ovation when they performed an unprepared song which was part of deciding on the winner.

“We have not decided whether we will take part next year. This was our first time to perform with instruments in our eight years of existence so I think we have to practice that,” Nicky Goliath of Okahandja Youth Choir said.

The Adoration Choir stayed true to their promise of offering diverse performances with each song they performed. Earlier in the competition it was pointed out that the Adoration Choir’s diversity when it comes to their members could be a bonus and it turned out to be so, as they reached out to different corners of the world as they entertained the audience.

The Big K Choir which is regarded as a more conventional choir wowed the audience with their excellent execution of vocals, blowing the crowd away all while hitting their notes perfectly. They were however the least entertaining of all three choirs when it comes to stage presence.

Mastermind behind the competition and one of the organisers Ernesto Paulus said that the judges looked at, amongst other things, creativity and how the choir gelled together.

The competition which ran for over a month saw choirs from all musical backgrounds and all over the country competing for the big prize. Paulus said that although the competition was a great success they will look at attracting more people to the competition next year as well as being better organised.

Depending on the sponsors the organisers can get, the competition is set to become an annual event.

A D with all performances from the semi-finals to the finals will be available in due course and the finale will be repeated on NBC this Sunday.

Source : The Namibian