Bin Murder Suspect Arrested

A 28-year-old man is expected to appear today in the magistrate’s court in Walvis Bay in connection with the murder of a young woman, Bernadine Baumgarten, whose body was found dumped in a municipal bin outside Walvis Bay.

The gruesome discovery of the woman’s corpse was made on Thursday morning last week. The suspect, believed to be her boyfriend, was arrested in Kuisebmond on Thursday several hours after the body of Baumgarten was found in the bin in the dunes close to the towns’ entrance.

According to Nampol the murder could have been committed either between last Wednesday and Thursday morning.

Her body was put into the bin which was pulled from the suspected crime scene in Kuisebmond to the dunes.

A post-mortem is currently being conducted to determine the cause of Baumgarten’s death.

Source : New Era