Birds of a Feather Flock Together At Chicken Project

Small scale poultry farmers from the North are expected in their droves at the Oshali Poultry Project’s farmers’ day this Saturday.

Oshali Poultry Project is operating a full small scale chicken’s project at Oshali in the Ohangwena constituency in the Ohangwena region which was established in 2010. The project is selling live chickens, 14 days old chicks and eggs to customers in its focused community. Additional sources of income will include providing slaughtered chickens to customers.

Tauno Hafeni Shikomba, Director Operations and Special Projects of the Konga Trading Enterprises (Pty) Ltd says at the event, which will also serve as an information day, 200 indigenous chickens will be on sale for breeding purposes, as well as 100 layers, 200 broilers, ten turkeys and ten ducks. The event is jointly organised by Oshali Poultry Project, RSP Trading and Chirute Trading. The Deputy Director of Rural Development in the Ohangwena Regional Council, Peter Hangula, will officiated at the event.

Oshali Poultry Project lies strategically along one of the highly developing transport routes of the populous B1 national road leading to the Angolan market. Ohangwena, being among the top chicken consuming regions in the country, does produce chickens on a large scale presently nor does it meet existing chicken meat supply demands. The provision of a poultry facility is central to the development of amenities and services in a populous region. It is against this background that the Oshali Poultry Project has set up the poultry facilities at Oshali to make a meaningful contribution towards the development of Ohangwena region, and the upliftment of the living standards of rural women by earning an income from the project.

Oshali Poultry Project is 1.8 km west of the strategically B1 transport route and just eight kilometres outside the Oshikango border post. Oshali is just three kilometres off the C45B1 T- junction, which connects the B1 to the Trans Caprivi high way. It lies at the S 17’33.009 latitude and E 15’53.733 longitude. The Oshali Poultry Project is strategically located, thus providing easy access to the market and retail businesses in the Ohangwena region and beyond.

The project is situated at the Oshali village and constitutes of various chicken houses on a 2 500 square meter secured plot. The project site is situated off the B1national road 45km from Ondangwa and there is access to existing infrastructure, such as water connection, and the site is secured, which makes Oshali the ideal and the most suitable location, mainly because of the above facilities. It will also reduce the health risks considerably.

Oshali Poultry Project currently has a capacity of 650 chickens 200 indigenous chickens and 450 broilers at any given time.

Source : New Era