Bishop Kamburona laid to rest

Bishop Assaria Cleophas Kamburona of the Protestant Unity Church (Oruuano) was laid to rest here on Sunday.

Kamburona was buried at the Okahandja National Heroes’ Acre of the OvaHerero and OvaMbanderu people.

Hundreds of mourners attended the funeral of the bishop, who had been described as a “visionary and spiritual leader”.

He died at his home in Katutura, Windhoek on 27 December 2014, aged 83.

Kamburona was born on 05 November 1931 in Cape Town, South Africa, and became the leader of the Oruuano Church in 1976.

He was a former President of the Council of Churches in Namibia and also a member of the OvaHerero Chiefs’ Council under Chief Hosea Kutako.

Several people paid homage to the bishop during the burial ceremony.

Paramount Chief of the OvaHerero, Advocate Vekuii Rukoro said that he will remember the bishop as a man of peace, tolerance, reconciliation, love, harmony, sisterhood and brotherhood, but most of all a man who strived for unity.

He said that it is because of the bishop’s exemplary record of 60 years of dedicated service to the Namibia nation’s liberation struggle and 43 years of spiritual leadership that he (Paramount Chief of the OvaHerero) bestow on him the ultimate honour to be laid to rest alongside the greatest of Namibians – Hosea Kutako, Clemence Kapuuo, Kuaima Riruako and other heroes buried at the site.

“Today is not a day for mourning, but it is a day to celebrate a life well lived. It is a day to thank God the almighty for a great gift to mankind,” said Rukoro.

The Secretary-General of the Oruuano Church in Namibia, Wylie Vekarapo Upi said Kamburona was his mentor for 22 years.

“Twenty-two years of working with the bishop was a good journey. Although it was cut short, he taught me to be hard-working and he showed me the way,” he said.

Upi added that he will carry on in the footsteps of the late bishop.

Kamburona is survived by his wife, 14 children and several grandchildren.