Black Africa FC hosts Under-15 schools tournament

GROOT AUB: Black Africa Football Club (FC) yesterday hosted a Under-15 schools tournament at Groot-Aub village, situated some 56 kilometers south of the capital.

Schools at Groot-Aub participated in the tournament, which was a social responsibility initiative organized jointly by Black Africa FC and First National Bank (FNB).

Members of the Groot Aub community gathered at the Groot-Aub Primary School yesterday to watch Under-15 football and netball matches between teams from Groot-Aub Primary School, Niklaas Witbooi Primary School and Groot-Aub Junior Secondary School.

At the same occasion, the Namibia Premier League (NPL) defending champions Black Africa FC also donated balls for soccer and netball to the three schools.

Groot-Aub Primary School Principal, Hendrik Jagger opened the schools tournament officially, by urging the netball and football players to compete as disciplined sportspeople during the one-day tournament.