Blood Money Triggered Mass Shooting

“One could not tell whether you were shivering out of fear or whether it was just a cold morning because what happened that Friday was so immense that one could not even go outside to pass urine.” Those were the words of an onlooker who witnessed the shooting that left one person dead and seven others injured in Omutundungu.

Letisis Dumeni whose child and niece were injured in the shooting spree said people scampered for their lives as the suspect ran ran around like a madman shooting at every bar that had its lights on, forcing those inside to scramble for cover. “When he got to the bar where the deceased was shot those of us who were outside the bar were forced to hide against the wall. After several shots he had wounded the deceased and two other people,” recounted the witness.

Villagers were still in shock when New Era visited Omutundungu. A young woman who described the bar where the deceased was shot expressed dissatisfaction that the accused should be kept behind bars because they do not want violent people in their midst. He lives in another village and those who know him described him as a good soccer player who turned out for the Diadora club. ‘Volcano’ as he is commonly known among his mates and soccer fans left many in despair, which led to their closing their bars in respect for the deceased and those who were shot.

No one could really tell what triggered the 32- year-old to go on the rampage with gun in hand but earlier this year the suspect started to make references to being paid for his blood lost in a fight with a local villager a few years ago. A family member of the person who was involved in the fight with the suspect said when rumours started circulating that the suspect who initially did not want to be compensated was looking for his dues, the family through the traditional authority sent someone to the headman of the suspect’s village to negotiate what was owed him. “We are shocked! Negotiations were underway to pay him,” said Rachel Salom. Angula Sam who had come from Angola a month ago to assist his aunt thresh mahangu crops survived the shooting with an injury to his left arm and upper lip. “After the shooting I tumbled from the scene to seek refuge among the nearby fences. At some point I wanted to give up because I was in pain, but with the encouragement of those that I ran with I managed to hide,” said Sam. Five children and seven siblings survive the deceased, Namwenyo Otto.

Source : New Era