Blunder Costs ‘President’ Title

The Namibia Professional Boxing and Wrestling Control Board yesterday confirmed that they have stripped Mandume Pohamba of the national junior middleweight title, which they erroneously awarded to the fighter on Saturday.

‘The President’ was nearly 2kg over the required weight limit for the 69,85kg contest, rendering him automatically ineligible for the belt which he was presented with after scoring a disputed points victory over Lukas ‘The Demolisher’ Ndafoluma.

Pohamba weighed in at 71,30kg, with his opponent on 69,60kg.

The title remains vacant.

“Pohamba Mandume is not the national title holder. It’s a mistake,” the boxing board’s deputy chairman, Ellison Hijarunguru, who handed the strap to the boxer at gateway Centre in Windhoek’s Khomasdal suburb on Friday told The Namibian Sport.

Hijarunguru, who was the designated supervisor of the fight, did not provide an explanation for the blunder, instead he added that “we might even have to get our lawyer Mr [Lucius] Murorwa involved”.

Ndafoluma’s camp, who also claim their boxer was robbed and are in the process of requesting for a review of the scorecards, said they too have not been afforded an explanation for the embarrassing failure to apply a rudimentary boxing rule.

“They said they made a mistake and will rectify it. But they cannot rectify it in their hearts, they must rectify it in public because they publicly made this mistake,” Warriors Promotions promoter and fighter Joseph ‘Smokey’ Hilongwa said.

“We can’t allow boxing to be run this way. This will demoralise fighters and sponsors who put so much into these events,” he added.

The last Namibian fighter to lose a national title on the scales was Jatoorora Tjingaveta, who was also over the weight limit when he defeated Peter Malakia by unanimous decision in a welterweight fight.

Source : The Namibian