BoN funds Oshakati storm water channel project

OSHAKATI: The Bank of Namibia (BoN) invested N.dollars 1.2 million in the storm water channel upgrading project that commenced at Oshakati in 2012 and was completed earlier this year.

Although the channel surrounds the BoN branch at Oshakati, it is on municipal ground and the bank funded its upgrading under a public-private partnership (PPP) to contribute to the town’s development.

The Oshakati Town Council also contributed N.dollars 634 000 towards the project.

The BoN last Friday officially handed over the channel project completion certificate to the Oshakati Town Council, and the council is now expected to take over its maintenance.

One of the bank’s senior officials, Paavo Amunyela read a statement on behalf of the branch manager, Phillip Ndjendja at the handing over on Friday.

“This joint project is part of the BoN’s social responsibility towards the Oshakati residents, the community and the Namibian public at large, and as a result of the BoN being a public figure,” Ndjendja said in his statement.

He pointed out that the project was born in 2011 when the BoN observed with great concern the deplorable condition of the said water channel and the inappropriate purposes for which it was used.

“Such engagement was not only an eyesore for the clients of the branch and the town of Oshakati, but moreover it was also a health hazard,” Ndjendja stated.

He then pointed out that the objective was firstly to ensure that the channel serves its purpose of water flow during the rainy season and secondly, to ensure it is kept clean at all times.

The reconstruction of the channel was to realign ground levels for easy water flow and to have it covered off completely to prevent public access.

Receiving the project on behalf of the town council, chief executive officer of the Oshakati Town, Werner Iita explained that the BoN has both rehabilitated the channel in question and interlocked the vicinity.

“It is indeed an example to other institutions to follow suit. We appreciate what the BoN has done for the community of Oshakati,” Iita said.