BoN Governor Appointed As Uukwambi Headman

Bank of Namibia (BoN) Governor, Iipumbu Shiimi, has been appointed as the headman of Uukwambi Traditional Authority, which is responsible for governing Ontana village.

Ontana is situated some 10 kilometres north of Oshakati in Omusati Region. Shiimi succeeds his father, Aloisius ‘Kuma’ Shiimi, who was the village headman before he passed away in March 2014.

Chief Herman Iipumbu of Uukwambi installed Shiimi as headman on Saturday, in front of senior headmen of Onamega, Olupembana and Oshikuku districts, as well as Omusati regional councillor for Oshikuku Constituency, Modestus Amutse.

Iipumbu urged Shiimi to lead the community of Ontana as per the regulations of the Uukwambi Traditional Authority and the Traditional Authorities Act.

Iipumbu handed to Shiimi, amongst others, a copy of the Uukwambi Traditional Authority regulations and Traditional Authorities Act, a walking stick and a hat and shirt.

Shiimi appealed to his subjects to be united, peaceful and compliant. “This village and the country at large will prosper when we live in peace with one another – stay united and work together,” he said.

He said parents should raise their children properly by aising them well and ensuring that they go to school to become professionals in future.


Source : New Era