Bon Hands Over Water Tunnel

Bank of Namibia (BoN) last Friday handed the water channel it funded for N$1,2 million to the Oshakati Town Council.

The town council, as part of its contribution, availed over N$600 000 for the construction of the water channel that is part of the town’s drainage system.

Speaking at the handover, BoN branch manager Phillip Njendja related that at the time the project was mooted in 2011, the water channel in front of the bank was a blot on the landscape for their clients and signaled a serious health hazard in the community. “Such engagements were not only an eyesore for the clients of the branch and Oshakati town, but it was also a health hazard. It was with these serious concerns that the bank approved a budget to the tune of N$1,2 million to upgrade the water channel even though it was on municipal ground,” said Ndjendja.

Ndjendja further noted the primary purpose of the channel was to ease the flow of water during the rainy season and to ensure that it is kept clean at all times.

Moreover, the channel has not only uplifted the view of the town, but it has provided easy crossing access to pedestrians including the disabled.

“The objective was firstly to ensure the channel served its purpose of water flow during the rainy season and secondly to ensure it is kept clean at all times. You will further observe that provision was made for people with disabilities to ensure easy pedestrian crossing,” said Ndjendja

Ndjendja called upon corporate institutions and the business community to enter into private-public partnerships with local authorities to uplift the living conditions of the people in the north. Also speaking at the event, the CEO of Oshakati Town Council, Werner Iita, said that while the council has a social responsibility to construct passages for passengers, it is indebted to BON for assisting the council to construct and complete the water passage.

“The council has only contributed 30 percent towards the completion of the water channel while the bank has spent up to 70 percent,” said Iita.

Iita urged the private and public sectors to emulate the trend set by Bank of Namibia to construct and beautify the town.

Iita related that the council has purchased trophies to encourage schools, businesses and residents to clean their premises. The trophies will be given to deserving winners at the end of the year.

Source : New Era