Bongani Launches Album

Namibian Gospel singer, William “Bongani” Garoeumlb is launching his third studio album titled Ti orena, meaning My Sins on Sunday at the Katutura Community Art Centre (KCAC) at three O’clock in the afternoon (15h00).

The album consists of 15 tracks, which offer a mixture of elements of South African as well as Namibian praise and worship gospel fusion. Ti orena was produced in Namibia and South Africa by three different producers, Queency Rakaki, Micheal Mbakalela and Speheal Howaeb. The album was mixed and mastered in Germany. The album tells a personal story of Bongani’s trials and tribulations and of how he submitted and gave himself to the Lord. Currently the music video Ti orena is on YouTube and on the Namibian Broadcasting Corporation (NB’s channel 1, NBC1, enjoying massive airplays.

Bongani was born on July 9, 1986, in Windhoek, Namibia. “As a child, I use to listen to music from the LPs as it was called back in the days. Music was part of my life and has been ever since. Moreover, Gospel had a huge impact on my life, and today it is evident. My first step becoming a musician was when I was five years of age. I took a stand in front of the television and proudly sang the Namibian National Anthem. It was not until I was chosen as a member of the Namibian National Children’s Choir1998-2000 (NNCC), under the leadership of Ernest von Biljon that I took singing seriously,” says Bongani.

Bongani joined Ella du Plessis High School Choir in 2000, as the only Grade 8 member. “The requirement was that you should be from Grade 9-10 upwards in order to be qualifying for the choir. But I was fortunate because of the fact that I came from the Children’s Choir. In 2001 our high school choir made history, by becoming the first school choir to release a CD. In my final school year I took on a leadership role of being a co-conductor of the choir, which was a huge responsibility but a great challenge I took on with no fear as I look on this journey. I really owe what I’m today to these fundamental choirs,” says Bongani.

Bonga adds that 2004-2005 also opened doors for him as a lead vocal in various choirs, including the Khomas Regional Youth Choir, Show Us The Way Gospel Group, Hare Haodo Gospel and the Namibia National Youth Choir. “These platforms boosted my ability to be a soloist. The year 2006 was when I really started to work on my solo career, singing at various occasions such as weddings, funerals, corporate events and concerts. The highlight of my career was when I performed at the “Winter Gospel Show, 2007″ in Windhoek. This show paved the way for the Bongani brand as a household name amongst Namibia’s gospel artists,” he says.

Bongani released his first album, Mother’s Prayer in 2007. The year 2008 also saw Bongani reaching the top as a highlight in his career when he took part in the Ae Gams Festival, walking away with the Runner-up prize in the Choir Category. In 2010 Bongani moved to South Africa where he found his roots discovering himself and this was the beginning of the rebirth of a mature and more vocally experienced sound by him. He released his second album titled Uyesu Uyakorobha in 2012, a Xhosa phrase meaning “Jesus Cleanses My Heart”. “I travelled Namibia, Botswana and South Africa extensively with the album. It gave me great joy to travel, meet and learn different cultures. I joined the Joy Divine Singers in December 2012 to represent Namibia at the MRM Ubuntu Festival in Nelspruit in the Mpumalanga Province in South Africa,” says Bongani.

This year Bongani returned to Namibia, and got an opportunity to perform at the “Walking in the light of God” gospel show hosted by Caroline, one of Namibia’s finest gospel artists featuring South Africa’s award winning gospel artist, Dumi Mkokstad, and Bethusile Mcinga also from South Africa. “More recently I also performed at Namibia’s renowned gospel award winner Caroline Mukanwa’s CD launch, which featured South Africa gospel heavyweight and SABC Gospel award winner, Lusanda Mcinga and Buhle Nhlangulela,” says Bongani.

A single ticket for the launch show is N$ 50 while a double is N$ 80. Bongani is currently managed by November Alfons Mangundu from Nove Entertainment and can be booked for any event via email or telephonically or 0813836220.

Source : New Era