Boost for TransNamib’s Turnaround Strategy

TransNamib’s executive turnaround project manager, Johan Piek, was issued with a two-year work permit by the Ministry of Home Affairs to continue with his consulting services for TransNamib.

Struggle Ihuhua, the executive spokesperson of TransNamib Holdings, made the announcement yesterday.

“The TransNamib board of directors and management are excited with these developments and were all pleased to welcome Mr Piek back to work,” stated the executive spokesperson.

Dantagos Jimmy-Melani, TransNamib’s board spokesperson, elaborated: “Mr Piek’s input into the turnaround strategy and the execution of those initiatives were highly valued. We therefore welcome him back to work and, by the same token, look forward that he picks up where he left off. There is a lot of work to be done and we as the board of TransNamib and management have no doubt that we will fast-track the objectives set out in our exciting turnaround plan.”

Reciprocating the warm welcome expressed by the TransNamib board and management, Piek said: “I am extremely excited to be back at work to assist with the turnaround process. I have accumulated plenty of energy to invest in this process to bring it up to speed and see the results reach the bottom line. TransNamib plays a key role in the Namibian economy, despite the challenges we are facing currently. These will all be solved in the short term, with the support of our shareholder.”

Meanwhile, the TransNamib board reiterates that the disciplinary process of its suspended CEO, Saara Naanda, is on track and the proceedings will commence in July.

Jimmy-Melani gly refuted the recent “misleading” newspaper article carried in an English daily that the board was considering the recruitment of a new CEO.

“We have not even started the disciplinary process, and therefore, we have not started thinking of the recruitment of a new CEO. The TransNamib board conducts the business of the institution in a professional manner and will continue to follow due process,” she stated.

The TransNamib board and executive leadership team will engage in a two-day strategic intervention to be held at the Swakopmund Hotel, which is one of TransNamib’s subsidiaries.

The in-house venue has been selected in order to minimize the costs of the session for the company.

The focus of the 2-day strategic intervention will be to roll out mandatory corporate governance training for directors and craft a five-year strategic plan for TransNamib, said Ihuhua.

Source : New Era