Boys Aged 7 and 9 Rape Girl (7)

POLICE at Gibeon on Monday recorded warning affidavits from two boys aged seven and nine who allegedly gang-raped a seven year-old girl while they were playing in the backyard of the home of the suspects’ parents.

Police Chief Inspector Asser Kapukare yesterday confirmed the incident, saying after allegedly sexually assaulting the girl, the suspects “inserted objects including sticks, stones and thorns into her private parts”.

“Because the boys are minors, we only took warning statements from them and then released them into the care of their parents,” said Kapukare.

He could not describe the extent of injuries the victim sustained, saying police are still waiting for a medical report.

According to Kapukare, the boys’ warning statements would be sent to the Prosecutor General for her decision whether or not they should be prosecuted.

He urged parents not to let their children play without supervision, adding that “children tend to imitate the acts of violence they see on television”.

Clinical psychologist Shaun Whittaker said the incident is ” of great concern”.

“When young boys become perpetrators of these violent acts, we must get worried,” Whittaker remarked.

Whittaker said young boys exposed to an “inappropriate sexual environment in their homes” tend to commit sexual offences.

He added young boys, who could be victims of sexual harassment, tend to commit sexual offences.

Source : The Namibian