Bravo to Education Ministry [opinion]

THE merging of colleges of education with the University of Namibia, which resulted in the abolishment of education diplomas was a blow to the dreams of tens of thousands of Namibians and yet the country currently faces a shortage of teachers.

Of course this is a dream come true for the unemployed teachers in the SADCC region who I believe hold diplomas, the qualification that we abolished here. Eewa tuu.

Thinking of it, one does not really need a teacher’s degree to teach A,B,C, or do we all really need degrees for the country to progress? I am glad that the university has once more reconsidered taking a portion from the large number of those potential robbers, prostitutes, beggars, alcohol and drug abusers and malala pipes simply by re introducing the diploma.

Apart from matching up to the numbers of personnel to this essential field, those that failed to obtain 25 points with a C in English in Grade 12, but at least managed to get 20 points now have an opportunity to go to university and peruse that profession that they so much wanted.

Other than importing even the simplest of skills. Enough with the teachers – you guys are sorted.

I am hoping that at least one or two billions of the N$13.1 billion assigned to the Ministry of Education can be invested in vocational training. I have always referred to the VTC graduate as our worth generators, and the millionaires of this republic.

I say this based on my former primary and high school fellows that today own numerous properties, drive flashy cars, employing the masses – the tenderpreneurs who know what they are doing. I am talking about contractors that do not contract the Chinese to come and do shady work and fail to explain when cracks appear within months of unveiling buildings that cost taxpayers millions.

I am hoping that new VTCs will be constructed in Oshikoto Region and in Zambezi during the current financial year to add to the existing state owned and private VTC that exist.

And for God’s sake, the squabbles at these institutions, especially at Valombola Vocational Training Centre should come to an end! This thing of students vs. NTA vs. VVTC should end now.

Activities at all VTCs should be standardised. It is time for the ministry to step in. It is time to focus on studies and plans on how to build the country and think of how to get where other VTC graduates are today.

Eewa vakwee, till next time!

Source : New Era