Bricklaying Project a Success At Klein-Aub

PASTOR Koos Johannes Kharuxab started his business, K.J. Bricks, from very humble beginnings. Born and raised in Klein-Aub, a settlement in the Hardap region, Kharuxab always had a business mindset.

“I have always been passionate about starting my own business so after working for someone for over 7 years, I tried many business ideas such as selling meat but I soon realised that I could come up with a more viable project that could benefit many people,” he said.

Kharuxab added that in 2006, he started making bricks at his mother’s house and started selling them to the community. “I only had N$ 400 as start up capital and I managed to buy cement to get me started,” he said. K.J Kharuxab Bricks was eventually registered as a close corporation on 9 March 2007.

In early 2014, K.J Kharuxab Bricks received A sponsorship from the Rehoboth Rural Constituency Office in the form of one wheelbarrow, four spades and 107 bags of cement worth N$ 15 000 as part of the micro-projects financial support.

Kharuxab currently employs five permanent workers – two women and three men – and although he often hires casual workers, Kharuxab does not rely much on them as they usually do not stay for more than a month. “The local people do not want to work. They complain that the work is tough,” he said. According to Kharuxab, he is in the process of registering his employees with the Social Security Commission.

Kharuxab needs a truck to enable him to transport the bricks to different places. He sells the bricks in bulk or per single block at N$2 per brick. According to Kharuxab, he is a very happy man as people in the surrounding areas of Rietoog, and as far as Rehoboth, all seek to purchase his bricks. “I always make certain that my bricks are of the best standard,” he says proudly.

Kharuxab recently received a tender from the Klein-Aub constituency office to supply bricks for the construction of 13 toilets. In 2012, K.J Kharuxab Bricks was also responsible to supply bricks to construct business stalls in Klein-Aub.

He is grateful for the assistance he received from the constituency office, but is appealing for a bigger space to expand his business. “I am also looking for assistance to expand my business to Rietoog and in the process employ more people”, he said.

According to Kharuxab, it takes 3 days for the bricks to dry before they are sold. He says that as he is the only brickmaker in Klein-Aub, he and his employees work 7 days a week as many of his customers need assistance even on weekends.

Kharuxab says he taught his employees how to make bricks on site in order to make sure that only the best bricks are made and reach the customers. He is however requesting assistance from government to send his employees for a bricklaying training course.

As a businessman, Kharuxab says that he tries to give back to his community by involving them in his bricklaying project with simple tasks like loading the bricks but adds that he is faced with challenges because many people want to be paid immediately even before the work is done.

Kharuxab urges all the youth of Klein-Aub to develop business mindsets and seek assistance from government. “People must get up and try to do something that will generate income. You can only know whether something will be successful once you start. People should make use of government assistance which is available to enhance their lives. I am an example. I started off with N$ 400 and now I employ five people,” Kharuxab said.

Source : The Namibian