Brothers in Christ Re-Launching Album

The Brothers in Christ will be re-launching their debut album in Rundu at the Uniting Reform Church in the Safari this Saturday.

The church is known as Emmanuel Church. The show starts at seven O’clock in the evening (19H00) and ticket goes for N$25 and N$30. The album will be selling for N$110. It contains eight songs, five in English and three of the songs are in Tjimbundu, they specialised in Accapella music. The title of the album, Falling in love with Jesus came to mind because it is their first album and they want to dedicate to Christ. “It was our first song that we were taught by Paulus Sitimba, one of our group member,” explains Lusat Immanuel, the spokesperson of Brother in Christ. There will be other various artists, adult youth from Rundu Emmanuel and Lil VA and many upcoming youth gospel musicians. “We want to appeal to youth in Rundu to come and attend the show, it will do them good,” says Immanuel adding that they want to take the youth away from the street, and they will be grateful if they can change the youth with their songs.

The Brothers in Christ is an Accapella group consisting of five young men. The group members are from the same church called Uniting Reform Church in the Katutura residential area of Soweto. The album was released on November 1, when it was launched in Windhoek at the Uniting Reform Church. The CD is also available in Windhoek at Antonio’s Art at Wernhill Park, and in Rundu at the Safari residential area from Lusat Eunice. The Brothers in Christ are expecting more people to go and support them, as they sing songs that touch the soul and they will give their fans breath taking praise and worship. They want to give glory to God for their first album believing He opened many doors for them. As God has blessed them they want to preach the word of God and bring people close to Him through their music.

Source : New Era