Bullet Ya-Kaoko Group to Perform at World Cup

One of Namibia’s leading cultural groups, Bullet Ya-Kaoko, have once again been chosen to perform at the opening ceremony of the Soccer World Cup in Brazil.

The Oviritje genre group won the hearts of the Federation of Internattional Fooballl Associations (FIFA) Organising Committee when they first performed their soulful rhythms of the Ovahimba culture at the 2010 Soccer World Cup in South Africa. The group will share the stage with singer Teddy Afro from Ethiopia and many other international artists.

The long-running Oviritje group provide the soundtrack to the quest for belonging and identity that takes place in the marginal space constituted by these bars and pubs. Bullet Ya Kaoko performances are characterized by the simultaneous articulation of paradoxical images and different models of identification: they use keyboards and synthesizers to rework an old genre (omitandu, praise songs), fuse Kwaito moves with the elders’ warrior dance, and weave Ovaherero polyphony into a jive-like beat and structure. Lyrics, music and dance address the challenges of (post) modern life and give voice to uncertainty and fragmentation.

The Governor of the Khomas region, Laura McLeod-Katjirua, who is also the group’s Patron, describes the cultural group as unique and traditional warriors.”I feel so proud to be associated with the Bullets. The Brazilians have chosen them out of many and I am sure that they will render a beautiful performance,” she says.

McLeod-Katjirua says that she is certain the Bullet will make Namibia proud and put her on the map. “It’s a chance in a million that we can’t let go. Hold the flag high and do us proud. I feel so honoured,” she said to the group adding that the fact that a cultural group has been chosen to represent the country, proves that our country’s cultural richness is recognised worldwide.

The music group have gained international exposure through performances at many high profile events such as Aenture Travel World Summit, Pan African Parliamentary Summit, SADC Parliamentary Forum Summit, Angolan and Botswana Independence celebration as well as on the local scene such as World AIDs Day, World Tobacco Day, Okakarara, Opuwo, Okahandja trade fair, Olufuko Trade Fair, Luderitz Crayfish Festival, the Ae Gams Festival and many more. The group is requesting for assistant from the public to raise funds of about one-comma-five million Namibia dollars for their trip to Brazil. The FIFA World Cup will take place on June 12 in Brazil.

Source : New Era