Burning Rubber At Carmageddon

Thousands of people and hundreds of cars made the journey to the Okahandja Air Strip over the weekend. There they burnt rubber, set times and made memories at what had to be one of the biggest drag events so far this year.

Rehoboth Motor Club in conjunction with Speed and Sound Magazine, threw a party so packed with speed and car culture that many attendees won’t be forgetting anytime soon. The Carmageddon event kicked into high gear early Saturday and saw countless runs by amateur racers, local pros and the visiting challengers from South Africa.

You had to be there to witness to the ‘blitzness’ and while there were too many highlights to mention, one run in particular stood out – a blazing 12.8 sec quarter mile run by a local Monster GTI.

The Speed and Sound crew from South Africa came prepared and took the honours in their class, while many local fans congratulated the visitors, others lamented the absence of local cars that could have given the professional dragsters a better run for their money.

As the sun went down, the pace of the day carried into the evening with a park off at the Action Arena in Olympia. Hundreds of car crazy fanatics got the chance to see some of Namibia’s hottest cars all in one place.

Speed and Sound Magazine also held a scouting session, where they selected cars for potential placement in a future edition.

It’s clear the Namibian car culture and motorsport scene is fast evolving and with the quality of events being raised constantly, one can be sure these popular past-times will continue growing, both in fans and fast times.

Source : The Namibian