Business Should Not Interfere With Teaching – Minister

Teachers were aised to refrain from conducting business during office hours while also making learners their customers.

In April, President Hage Geingob urged ministers and permanent secretaries not to pursue business interests. Instead, Geingob urged those who wish to do so to give up their government jobs before venturing into business.

Addressing teachers in Oshana Region on Wednesday, the Minister of Education, Arts and Culture Katrina Hanse-Himarwa aised teachers to be committed, dedicated and accountable.

“Some of us are shebeen or cuca-shop owners. It is not a problem to be in business, but be in business after work your learners should not become your customers – it is not good and I am imploring those who are involved to desist,” said Hanse-Himarwa.

Furthermore, she called on teachers to refrain from leaving learners unattended under the pretext of being sick. The minister implored teachers to lead by example and be good role models to their learners.

Hanse-Himarwa also called on school leaders to take stern action against any culprits including latecomers.

“As professionals it is very disturbing that some of us leave our children unattended due to regular absence. Our conscience does not bother us that we are absent from work, but we can draw a salary on the 20th of every month,” said Hanse-Himarwa.

The minister also called on teachers to plan properly and prepare to get quality results. She said teaching should not be a mere 07h00-13h00 job – instead the minister aised teachers to spend time with learners after normal teaching hours as well.

“It is unacceptable that some teachers come to school as if it were not their own decision to become teachers,” said Hanse-Himarwa.

She further aised teachers to engage parents and the communities in the education of their learners.

In so doing prosperity in education would be achievable, she added.

Hanse-Himarwa used the same platform to remind journalists to be ethical in their reporting.

Responding to an article in the Namibian Sun headlined ‘Female teachers use schoolboys as sex toys’, Hanse-Himarwa came out in her defence that the article was far distant and remote from what she had indeed stated when she addressed teachers in Omusati Region last weekend.

She denied having said that female teachers are luring schoolboys into sexual relationships.

But on Wednesday the Namibian Sun also came out in its own defence and published an article wherein it claimed the same version of the story was reported in three other newspapers.

“Some media houses want to create friction between me and the people that I must defend. I have not come to victimize or insult you, my mission is to build you I know what it takes to be a young teacher,” said Hanse-Himarwa.

Source : New Era